ISymbolScope ISymbolScope ISymbolScope ISymbolScope Interface


Represents a lexical scope within ISymbolMethod, providing access to the start and end offsets of the scope, as well as its child and parent scopes.

public interface class ISymbolScope
public interface ISymbolScope
type ISymbolScope = interface
Public Interface ISymbolScope


The ISymbolScope interface also provides access to all locals defined within the current scope.


This interface is the managed counterpart of the ISymUnmanagedScope interface, which is one of the unmanaged symbol store interfaces that provide an alternate way to read and write debug symbol information.


EndOffset EndOffset EndOffset EndOffset

Gets the end offset of the current lexical scope.

Method Method Method Method

Gets the method that contains the current lexical scope.

Parent Parent Parent Parent

Gets the parent lexical scope of the current scope.

StartOffset StartOffset StartOffset StartOffset

Gets the start offset of the current lexical scope.


GetChildren() GetChildren() GetChildren() GetChildren()

Gets the child lexical scopes of the current lexical scope.

GetLocals() GetLocals() GetLocals() GetLocals()

Gets the local variables within the current lexical scope.

GetNamespaces() GetNamespaces() GetNamespaces() GetNamespaces()

Gets the namespaces that are used within the current scope.

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