TraceEventCache TraceEventCache TraceEventCache TraceEventCache Class


Provides trace event data specific to a thread and a process.

public ref class TraceEventCache
public class TraceEventCache
type TraceEventCache = class
Public Class TraceEventCache



The TraceEventCache class, designed as a performance optimization for trace listener calls, is of interest only to developers creating custom trace listeners.

The TraceEventCache class is used as a parameter in tracing methods to accurately identify the source of a trace event. Examples of methods that use TraceEventCache are TraceListener.TraceEvent and TraceFilter.ShouldTrace. The LogicalOperationStack property contains data that can be used to correlate the trace with related traces.


TraceEventCache() TraceEventCache() TraceEventCache() TraceEventCache()

Initializes a new instance of the TraceEventCache class.


Callstack Callstack Callstack Callstack

Gets the call stack for the current thread.

DateTime DateTime DateTime DateTime

Gets the date and time at which the event trace occurred.

LogicalOperationStack LogicalOperationStack LogicalOperationStack LogicalOperationStack

Gets the correlation data, contained in a stack.

ProcessId ProcessId ProcessId ProcessId

Gets the unique identifier of the current process.

ThreadId ThreadId ThreadId ThreadId

Gets a unique identifier for the current managed thread.

Timestamp Timestamp Timestamp Timestamp

Gets the current number of ticks in the timer mechanism.


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