TraceListener.TraceOutputOptions Property


Gets or sets the trace output options.

 property System::Diagnostics::TraceOptions TraceOutputOptions { System::Diagnostics::TraceOptions get(); void set(System::Diagnostics::TraceOptions value); };
public System.Diagnostics.TraceOptions TraceOutputOptions { get; set; }
public System.Diagnostics.TraceOptions TraceOutputOptions { get; set; }
member this.TraceOutputOptions : System.Diagnostics.TraceOptions with get, set
Public Property TraceOutputOptions As TraceOptions

Property Value


A bitwise combination of the enumeration values. The default is None.



Set operation failed because the value is invalid.


The following example shows the setting of the TraceOutputOptions property for a console trace listener. The console trace listener is one of the listeners enumerated in the Listeners property of a trace source. This code example is part of a larger example provided for the TraceSource class.

ts.Listeners["console"].TraceOutputOptions |= TraceOptions.Callstack;
ts.Listeners("console").TraceOutputOptions = ts.Listeners("console").TraceOutputOptions Or TraceOptions.Callstack


The TraceOutputOptions property determines the optional content of trace output. The property can be set in the configuration file or programmatically during execution to include additional data specifically for a section of code. For example, you can set the TraceOutputOptions property for the console trace listener to TraceOptions.Callstack to add call stack information to the trace output.

The TraceOptions enumeration is not used by the following classes and methods:

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