EventSource.EventData EventSource.EventData EventSource.EventData Struct


Provides the event data for creating fast WriteEvent overloads by using the WriteEventCore(Int32, Int32, EventSource+EventData*) method.

public protected value class EventSource::EventData
protected internal struct EventSource.EventData
Protected Friend Structure EventSource.EventData


The following example shows how to use the EventSource.EventData structure.

public unsafe void WriteEvent(int eventId, int arg1, int arg2, int arg3, int arg4) {  
    EventData* dataDesc = stackalloc EventProvider.EventData[4];  
    dataDesc[0].DataPointer = (IntPtr)(&arg1);  
    dataDesc[0].Size = 4;  
    dataDesc[1].DataPointer = (IntPtr)(&arg2);  
    dataDesc[1].Size = 4;  
    dataDesc[2].DataPointer = (IntPtr)(&arg3);  
    dataDesc[2].Size = 4;  
    dataDesc[3].DataPointer = (IntPtr)(&arg4);  
    dataDesc[3].Size = 4;  
    WriteEventCore(eventId, 4, (IntPtr)dataDesc);  


DataPointer DataPointer DataPointer

Gets or sets the pointer to the data for the new WriteEvent overload.

Size Size Size

Gets or sets the number of payload items in the new WriteEvent overload.

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