IdentityType IdentityType IdentityType IdentityType Enum


Specifies the format of the identity.

public enum class IdentityType
public enum IdentityType
type IdentityType = 
Public Enum IdentityType


DistinguishedName DistinguishedName DistinguishedName DistinguishedName 3

The identity is a Distinguished Name (DN).

Guid Guid Guid Guid 5

The identity is a Globally Unique Identifier (GUID).

Name Name Name Name 1

The identity is a name.

SamAccountName SamAccountName SamAccountName SamAccountName 0

The identity is a Security Account Manager (SAM) name.

Sid Sid Sid Sid 4

The identity is a Security Identifier (SID) in Security Descriptor Definition Language (SDDL) format.

UserPrincipalName UserPrincipalName UserPrincipalName UserPrincipalName 2

The identity is a User Principal Name (UPN).

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