ActiveDirectoryRole ActiveDirectoryRole ActiveDirectoryRole ActiveDirectoryRole Enum


Identifies specific roles within a domain.

public enum class ActiveDirectoryRole
public enum ActiveDirectoryRole
type ActiveDirectoryRole = 
Public Enum ActiveDirectoryRole


InfrastructureRole InfrastructureRole InfrastructureRole InfrastructureRole 4

Identifies the infrastructure role.

NamingRole NamingRole NamingRole NamingRole 1

Identifies the domain naming master role.

PdcRole PdcRole PdcRole PdcRole 2

Identifies the primary domain controller (PDC) emulator role.

RidRole RidRole RidRole RidRole 3

Identifies the relative identifier (RID) master role.

SchemaRole SchemaRole SchemaRole SchemaRole 0

Identifies the schema master role.

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