ForestTrustRelationshipInformation ForestTrustRelationshipInformation ForestTrustRelationshipInformation ForestTrustRelationshipInformation Class


The ForestTrustRelationshipInformation class contains information about a trust relationship between two Forest objects.

public ref class ForestTrustRelationshipInformation : System::DirectoryServices::ActiveDirectory::TrustRelationshipInformation
public class ForestTrustRelationshipInformation : System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory.TrustRelationshipInformation
type ForestTrustRelationshipInformation = class
    inherit TrustRelationshipInformation
Public Class ForestTrustRelationshipInformation
Inherits TrustRelationshipInformation


ExcludedTopLevelNames ExcludedTopLevelNames ExcludedTopLevelNames ExcludedTopLevelNames

Gets the excluded top-level names in the ForestTrustRelationshipInformation object.

SourceName SourceName SourceName SourceName

Obtains the name of the source Domain or Forest objects for this trust relationship.

(Inherited from TrustRelationshipInformation)
TargetName TargetName TargetName TargetName

Obtains the name of the target Domain or Forest objects for this trust relationship.

(Inherited from TrustRelationshipInformation)
TopLevelNames TopLevelNames TopLevelNames TopLevelNames

Gets the top-level names in the ForestTrustRelationshipInformation object.

TrustDirection TrustDirection TrustDirection TrustDirection

Obtains the TrustDirection objects for this trust relationship relative to the Domain or Forest objects that created the trust.

(Inherited from TrustRelationshipInformation)
TrustedDomainInformation TrustedDomainInformation TrustedDomainInformation TrustedDomainInformation

Gets the trusted domain information for this ForestTrustDomainInformation object.

TrustType TrustType TrustType TrustType

Obtains the TrustType object of the trust relationship.

(Inherited from TrustRelationshipInformation)


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Save() Save() Save() Save()

Commits any changes to the ForestTrustRelationshipInformation properties to the Active Directory Domain Services store.

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