LocatorOptions LocatorOptions LocatorOptions LocatorOptions Enum


Specifies search flags for finding a domain controller in a domain.

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class LocatorOptions
public enum LocatorOptions
type LocatorOptions = 
Public Enum LocatorOptions


AvoidSelf AvoidSelf AvoidSelf AvoidSelf 16384

When searching for domain controllers from a domain controller, exclude this domain controller from the search. If the current computer is not a domain controller, this flag is ignored.

ForceRediscovery ForceRediscovery ForceRediscovery ForceRediscovery 1

Forces cached domain controller data to be ignored when searching for domain controllers.

KdcRequired KdcRequired KdcRequired KdcRequired 1024

Search only for domain controllers that are currently running the Kerberos Key Distribution Center service.

TimeServerRequired TimeServerRequired TimeServerRequired TimeServerRequired 2048

Search only for domain controllers that are currently running the Windows Time service.

WriteableRequired WriteableRequired WriteableRequired WriteableRequired 4096

Search only for writeable domain controllers.

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