DirectoryEntry.SchemaEntry DirectoryEntry.SchemaEntry DirectoryEntry.SchemaEntry DirectoryEntry.SchemaEntry Property


Gets the schema object for this entry.

 property System::DirectoryServices::DirectoryEntry ^ SchemaEntry { System::DirectoryServices::DirectoryEntry ^ get(); };
public System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry SchemaEntry { get; }
member this.SchemaEntry : System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry
Public ReadOnly Property SchemaEntry As DirectoryEntry

Property Value

A DirectoryEntry object that represents the schema class for this entry.


The following example demonstrates the SchemaClassName and SchemaEntry properties of the DirectoryEntry class. This example gets the user-specified DirectoryEntry object and gets all of its children if the SchemaEntry object is a container object. The SchemaEntry is a container object if the Name of that object is "container".

Dim myADSPath As String = "LDAP://onecity/CN=Users,DC=onecity,DC=corp,DC=fabrikam,DC=com"  

' Creates an Instance of DirectoryEntry.  
Dim myDirectoryEntry As New DirectoryEntry(myADSPath, UserName, SecurelyStoredPassword)  

' Display the 'SchemaClassName'.  
Console.WriteLine("Schema class name:" + myDirectoryEntry.SchemaClassName)  

' Gets the SchemaEntry of the ADS object.  
Dim mySchemaEntry As DirectoryEntry = myDirectoryEntry.SchemaEntry  

If String.Compare(mySchemaEntry.Name, "container") = 0 Then  
   Dim myChildDirectoryEntry As DirectoryEntry  
   For Each myChildDirectoryEntry In  myDirectoryEntry.Children  
String myADSPath = "LDAP://onecity/CN=Users,DC=onecity,DC=corp,DC=fabrikam,DC=com";  

// Creates an Instance of DirectoryEntry.  
DirectoryEntry  myDirectoryEntry=new DirectoryEntry(myADSPath, UserName, SecurelyStoredPassword);  

// Display the 'SchemaClassName'.  
Console.WriteLine("Schema class name:"+myDirectoryEntry.SchemaClassName);  

// Gets the SchemaEntry of the ADS object.  
DirectoryEntry mySchemaEntry = myDirectoryEntry.SchemaEntry;  

if (string.Compare(mySchemaEntry.Name,"container") == 0)  
   foreach(DirectoryEntry myChildDirectoryEntry in myDirectoryEntry.Children)  
String^ myADSPath = "LDAP://onecity/CN=Users,DC=onecity,DC=corp,DC=fabrikam,DC=com";  

// Creates an Instance of DirectoryEntry.  
DirectoryEntry^ myDirectoryEntry = gcnew DirectoryEntry(myADSPath, UserName, SecurelyStoredPassword);  

// Display the 'SchemaClassName'.  
Console::WriteLine("Schema class name:{0}", myDirectoryEntry->SchemaClassName);  

// Gets the SchemaEntry of the ADS Object*.  
DirectoryEntry^ mySchemaEntry = myDirectoryEntry->SchemaEntry;  

if (!String::Compare(mySchemaEntry->Name, S"container"))   
    Collections::IEnumerator^ myEnum = myDirectoryEntry->Children->GetEnumerator();  
    while (myEnum->MoveNext())   
        DirectoryEntry^ myChildDirectoryEntry = safe_cast<DirectoryEntry^>(myEnum->Current);  


An entry's schema determines a list of its mandatory and optional property names.

You can use this property to find out what properties and methods are available on the associated object.


To get the schema object.

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