DirectorySearcher.ReferralChasing Property


Gets or sets a value indicating how referrals are chased.

 property System::DirectoryServices::ReferralChasingOption ReferralChasing { System::DirectoryServices::ReferralChasingOption get(); void set(System::DirectoryServices::ReferralChasingOption value); };
public System.DirectoryServices.ReferralChasingOption ReferralChasing { get; set; }
member this.ReferralChasing : System.DirectoryServices.ReferralChasingOption with get, set
Public Property ReferralChasing As ReferralChasingOption

Property Value

One of the ReferralChasingOption values. The default is External.



The value is not one of the ReferralChasingOption values.


If the root search is not specified in the naming context of the server or when the search results cross a naming context (for example, when you have child domains and search in the parent domain), the server sends a referral message to the client that the client can either ignore or chase.

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