DereferenceAlias DereferenceAlias DereferenceAlias DereferenceAlias Enum


The DereferenceAlias enumeration specifies the process by which aliases are dereferenced.

public enum class DereferenceAlias
public enum DereferenceAlias
type DereferenceAlias = 
Public Enum DereferenceAlias


Always Always Always Always 3

Dereferences aliases when both searching subordinates and locating the base object of the search. The value is equal to 3.

FindingBaseObject FindingBaseObject FindingBaseObject FindingBaseObject 2

Dereferences aliases when locating the base object, but not when searching its subordinates. The value is equal to 2.

InSearching InSearching InSearching InSearching 1

Dereferences aliases when searching subordinates of the base object, but not when locating the base itself. The value is equal to 1.

Never Never Never Never 0

Does not dereference aliases. The value is equal to 0.

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