DirectoryResponse DirectoryResponse DirectoryResponse DirectoryResponse Class


The DirectoryResponse class is the base class for request response classes, like the SearchResponse and AddResponse classes.

public ref class DirectoryResponse abstract : System::DirectoryServices::Protocols::DirectoryOperation
public abstract class DirectoryResponse : System.DirectoryServices.Protocols.DirectoryOperation
type DirectoryResponse = class
    inherit DirectoryOperation
Public MustInherit Class DirectoryResponse
Inherits DirectoryOperation


Controls Controls Controls Controls

The Controls property contains an array of DirectoryControl objects returned by the server.

ErrorMessage ErrorMessage ErrorMessage ErrorMessage

The ErrorMessage property contains the error message, if any, for this operation.

MatchedDN MatchedDN MatchedDN MatchedDN

The MatchedDN property contains the matched distinguished name returned by the server.

Referral Referral Referral Referral

The Referral property contains the server referrals.

RequestId RequestId RequestId RequestId

The RequestId property contains the Request Identifier.

ResultCode ResultCode ResultCode ResultCode

The ResultCode property contains the result code of the operation.


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