SecurityMasks SecurityMasks SecurityMasks SecurityMasks Enum


Specifies the available options for examining security information of a directory object. This enumeration is used with the SecurityMasks and SecurityMasks properties.

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum class SecurityMasks
public enum SecurityMasks
type SecurityMasks = 
Public Enum SecurityMasks


Dacl Dacl Dacl Dacl 4

Reads or writes the discretionary access-control list (DACL) data.

Group Group Group Group 2

Reads or writes the group data.

None None None None 0

Does not read or write security data.

Owner Owner Owner Owner 1

Reads or writes the owner data.

Sacl Sacl Sacl Sacl 8

Reads or writes the system access-control list (SACL) data.


using System.DirectoryServices;  
DirectorySearcher src = new DirectorySearcher("…");  
src.PropertiesToLoad = new string[] {ntSecurityDescriptor,…};  
src.SecurityMasks = SecurityMasks.Dacl | SecurityMasks.Owner;  
SearchResultCollection res = src.FindAll();  

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