ToolboxComponentsCreatingEventArgs ToolboxComponentsCreatingEventArgs ToolboxComponentsCreatingEventArgs ToolboxComponentsCreatingEventArgs Class


Provides data for the ComponentsCreating event that occurs when components are added to the toolbox.

public ref class ToolboxComponentsCreatingEventArgs : EventArgs
public class ToolboxComponentsCreatingEventArgs : EventArgs
type ToolboxComponentsCreatingEventArgs = class
    inherit EventArgs
Public Class ToolboxComponentsCreatingEventArgs
Inherits EventArgs


The following example method returns a ToolboxComponentsCreatingEventArgs that indicates the designer host that is about to receive a new component or set of components:

ToolboxComponentsCreatingEventArgs^ CreateToolboxComponentsCreatingEventArgs( System::ComponentModel::Design::IDesignerHost^ host )
   ToolboxComponentsCreatingEventArgs^ e = gcnew ToolboxComponentsCreatingEventArgs( host );
   // The designer host of the document receiving the components        e.DesignerHost
   return e;
public ToolboxComponentsCreatingEventArgs CreateToolboxComponentsCreatingEventArgs(System.ComponentModel.Design.IDesignerHost host)
    ToolboxComponentsCreatingEventArgs e = new ToolboxComponentsCreatingEventArgs(host);
    // The designer host of the document receiving the components        e.DesignerHost            
    return e;
Public Function CreateToolboxComponentsCreatingEventArgs(ByVal host As System.ComponentModel.Design.IDesignerHost) As ToolboxComponentsCreatingEventArgs
    Dim e As New ToolboxComponentsCreatingEventArgs(host)
    ' The designer host of the document receiving the components        e.DesignerHost            
    Return e
End Function


The ComponentsCreating event is raised when components are about to be added to the toolbox. ToolboxComponentsCreatingEventArgs provides data indicating the designer that has requested that the components be added.


ToolboxComponentsCreatingEventArgs(IDesignerHost) ToolboxComponentsCreatingEventArgs(IDesignerHost) ToolboxComponentsCreatingEventArgs(IDesignerHost) ToolboxComponentsCreatingEventArgs(IDesignerHost)

Initializes a new instance of the ToolboxComponentsCreatingEventArgs class.


DesignerHost DesignerHost DesignerHost DesignerHost

Gets or sets an instance of the IDesignerHost that made the request to create toolbox components.


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