CustomLineCap.StrokeJoin Property


Gets or sets the LineJoin enumeration that determines how lines that compose this CustomLineCap object are joined.

 property System::Drawing::Drawing2D::LineJoin StrokeJoin { System::Drawing::Drawing2D::LineJoin get(); void set(System::Drawing::Drawing2D::LineJoin value); };
public System.Drawing.Drawing2D.LineJoin StrokeJoin { get; set; }
member this.StrokeJoin : System.Drawing.Drawing2D.LineJoin with get, set
Public Property StrokeJoin As LineJoin

Property Value

The LineJoin enumeration this CustomLineCap object uses to join lines.


This property specifies a LineJoin enumeration that is used to join lines and curves that make up the stroked path of this CustomLineCap object.

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