PenAlignment PenAlignment PenAlignment PenAlignment Enum


Specifies the alignment of a Pen object in relation to the theoretical, zero-width line.

public enum class PenAlignment
public enum PenAlignment
type PenAlignment = 
Public Enum PenAlignment


Center Center Center Center 0

Specifies that the Pen object is centered over the theoretical line.

Inset Inset Inset Inset 1

Specifies that the Pen is positioned on the inside of the theoretical line.

Left Left Left Left 3

Specifies the Pen is positioned to the left of the theoretical line.

Outset Outset Outset Outset 2

Specifies the Pen is positioned on the outside of the theoretical line.

Right Right Right Right 4

Specifies the Pen is positioned to the right of the theoretical line.


A Pen object has width. The center point of this pen width is aligned relative to the line being drawn depending on the alignment value. A Pen object can be positioned to draw inside of a line or centered over the line.

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