FontFamily.Name FontFamily.Name FontFamily.Name FontFamily.Name Property


Gets the name of this FontFamily.

 property System::String ^ Name { System::String ^ get(); };
public string Name { get; }
member this.Name : string
Public ReadOnly Property Name As String

Property Value

A String that represents the name of this FontFamily.


The following code example shows all the font families in the Families property of the FontFamily class. This example is designed to be used with a Windows Form. To run this example, add a ListBox named listBox1 to a form, and call the PopulateListBoxWithFonts method from the form's constructor.

   void PopulateListBoxWithFonts()
      listBox1->Width = 200;
      listBox1->Location = Point(40,120);
      System::Collections::IEnumerator^ myEnum = FontFamily::Families->GetEnumerator();
      while ( myEnum->MoveNext() )
         FontFamily^ oneFontFamily = safe_cast<FontFamily^>(myEnum->Current);
         listBox1->Items->Add( oneFontFamily->Name );
private void PopulateListBoxWithFonts()
    listBox1.Width = 200;
    listBox1.Location = new Point(40, 120);
    foreach ( FontFamily oneFontFamily in FontFamily.Families )
Private Sub PopulateListBoxWithFonts()
    listBox1.Width = 200
    listBox1.Location = New Point(40, 120)
    Dim oneFontFamily As FontFamily
    For Each oneFontFamily In FontFamily.Families
End Sub

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