Graphics.DrawImageUnscaledAndClipped(Image, Rectangle) Graphics.DrawImageUnscaledAndClipped(Image, Rectangle) Graphics.DrawImageUnscaledAndClipped(Image, Rectangle) Method


Draws the specified image without scaling and clips it, if necessary, to fit in the specified rectangle.

 void DrawImageUnscaledAndClipped(System::Drawing::Image ^ image, System::Drawing::Rectangle rect);
public void DrawImageUnscaledAndClipped (System.Drawing.Image image, System.Drawing.Rectangle rect);
member this.DrawImageUnscaledAndClipped : System.Drawing.Image * System.Drawing.Rectangle -> unit


Image Image Image

The Image to draw.

Rectangle Rectangle Rectangle

The Rectangle in which to draw the image.



The following example demonstrates how to use the DrawImageUnscaledAndClipped method. To run this example, paste it into a Windows Form. Handle the form's Paint event and call the DrawImageUnscaled method from the Paint event-handling method, passing e as PaintEventArgs.

private void DrawImageUnscaled(PaintEventArgs e)
    string filepath = @"C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\" + 
        @"My Pictures\Sample Pictures\Water Lilies.jpg";
    Bitmap bitmap1 = new Bitmap(filepath);
    e.Graphics.DrawImageUnscaledAndClipped(bitmap1, new Rectangle(10,10,250,250));
Private Sub DrawImageUnscaled(ByVal e As PaintEventArgs) 
    Dim filepath As String = "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\" _
        & "My Pictures\Sample Pictures\Water Lilies.jpg"
    Dim bitmap1 As New Bitmap(filepath)
    e.Graphics.DrawImageUnscaledAndClipped(bitmap1, _
        New Rectangle(10, 10, 250, 250))
End Sub

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