Graphics.EnumerateMetafileProc Graphics.EnumerateMetafileProc Graphics.EnumerateMetafileProc Graphics.EnumerateMetafileProc Delegate


Provides a callback method for the EnumerateMetafile method.

public: delegate bool Graphics::EnumerateMetafileProc(EmfPlusRecordType recordType, int flags, int dataSize, IntPtr data, PlayRecordCallback ^ callbackData);
public delegate bool Graphics.EnumerateMetafileProc(EmfPlusRecordType recordType, int flags, int dataSize, IntPtr data, PlayRecordCallback callbackData);
type Graphics.EnumerateMetafileProc = delegate of EmfPlusRecordType * int * int * nativeint * PlayRecordCallback -> bool
Public Delegate Function Graphics.EnumerateMetafileProc(recordType As EmfPlusRecordType, flags As Integer, dataSize As Integer, data As IntPtr, callbackData As PlayRecordCallback) As Boolean 


EmfPlusRecordType EmfPlusRecordType EmfPlusRecordType EmfPlusRecordType

Member of the EmfPlusRecordType enumeration that specifies the type of metafile record.

Int32 Int32 Int32 Int32

Set of flags that specify attributes of the record.

Int32 Int32 Int32 Int32

Number of bytes in the record data.

IntPtr IntPtr IntPtr IntPtr

Pointer to a buffer that contains the record data.

Return Value


Return true if you want to continue enumerating records; otherwise, false.



For an example see EnumerateMetafile.


This method is used in conjunction with the EnumerateMetafile method of the Graphics class. Certain overloads of the EnumerateMetafile method call an application-defined callback method of this type for each record in a specified metafile. The callback function can display each record (or selected records) by calling the PlayRecord method of the Metafile that is being enumerated.

A user declaration of this callback method must have the same parameters as the Graphics.EnumerateMetafileProc delegate declaration.

Extension Methods

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Gets an object that represents the method represented by the specified delegate.

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