ColorAdjustType ColorAdjustType ColorAdjustType ColorAdjustType Enum


Specifies which GDI+ objects use color adjustment information.

public enum class ColorAdjustType
public enum ColorAdjustType
type ColorAdjustType = 
Public Enum ColorAdjustType


Any Any Any Any 6

The number of types specified.

Bitmap Bitmap Bitmap Bitmap 1

Color adjustment information for Bitmap objects.

Brush Brush Brush Brush 2

Color adjustment information for Brush objects.

Count Count Count Count 5

The number of types specified.

Default Default Default Default 0

Color adjustment information that is used by all GDI+ objects that do not have their own color adjustment information.

Pen Pen Pen Pen 3

Color adjustment information for Pen objects.

Text Text Text Text 4

Color adjustment information for text.


Bitmap, Brush, and Pen objects use any color adjustments that have been set in the default ImageAttributes object until their own color adjustments have been set.

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