HebrewCalendar.Eras Property


Gets the list of eras in the HebrewCalendar.

 virtual property cli::array <int> ^ Eras { cli::array <int> ^ get(); };
public override int[] Eras { get; }
member this.Eras : int[]
Public Overrides ReadOnly Property Eras As Integer()

Property Value


An array of integers that represents the eras in the HebrewCalendar type. The return value is always an array containing one element equal to HebrewEra.


The Hebrew calendar recognizes two eras: B.C.E. (before the common era) and A.M. (Latin "Anno Mundi", which means "the year of the world"). This implementation of the HebrewCalendar class recognizes only the current era (A.M.). This property always returns an array with only one element.

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