ProtectedDataCookieTransform ProtectedDataCookieTransform ProtectedDataCookieTransform ProtectedDataCookieTransform Class


Provides cookie integrity and confidentiality by using the ProtectedData class. This class cannot be inherited.

public ref class ProtectedDataCookieTransform sealed : System::IdentityModel::CookieTransform
public sealed class ProtectedDataCookieTransform : System.IdentityModel.CookieTransform
type ProtectedDataCookieTransform = class
    inherit CookieTransform
Public NotInheritable Class ProtectedDataCookieTransform
Inherits CookieTransform


Due to the nature of the ProtectedData class, cookies which use this transform can only be read by the same computer that wrote them. As such, this transform is not appropriate for use in applications that run on a web server farm.


ProtectedDataCookieTransform() ProtectedDataCookieTransform() ProtectedDataCookieTransform() ProtectedDataCookieTransform()

Creates a new instance of the ProtectedDataCookieTransform class.


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Verifies data protection and returns the decrypted data.

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Protects (encrypts) the specified data.

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