RsaEncryptionCookieTransform RsaEncryptionCookieTransform RsaEncryptionCookieTransform RsaEncryptionCookieTransform Class


Encrypts a cookie using RSA.

public ref class RsaEncryptionCookieTransform : System::IdentityModel::CookieTransform
public class RsaEncryptionCookieTransform : System.IdentityModel.CookieTransform
type RsaEncryptionCookieTransform = class
    inherit CookieTransform
Public Class RsaEncryptionCookieTransform
Inherits CookieTransform


Cookies encrypted with this transform may be decrypted by any computer that shares the same RSA private key (generally associated with an X.509 certificate).

The given data is encrypted using a random AES256 key. This key is then encrypted using RSA, and the RSA public key is sent in plain text so that when decoding the class knows which RSA key to use.


When using the RsaEncryptionCookieTransform with a service, if a key provided by a certificate changes the service must be restarted.


RsaEncryptionCookieTransform(RSA) RsaEncryptionCookieTransform(RSA) RsaEncryptionCookieTransform(RSA) RsaEncryptionCookieTransform(RSA)

Initializes a new instance of the RsaEncryptionCookieTransform class that uses the specified key for encryption and decryption.

RsaEncryptionCookieTransform(X509Certificate2) RsaEncryptionCookieTransform(X509Certificate2) RsaEncryptionCookieTransform(X509Certificate2) RsaEncryptionCookieTransform(X509Certificate2)

Initializes a new instance of the RsaEncryptionCookieTransform class that uses the private key of the specified X.509 certificate for encryption and decryption.


DecryptionKeys DecryptionKeys DecryptionKeys DecryptionKeys

Gets the keys used for decryption By default, this property returns a list that contains only the encryption key.

EncryptionKey EncryptionKey EncryptionKey EncryptionKey

Gets or sets the RSA key used for encryption

HashName HashName HashName HashName

Gets or sets the name of the hash algorithm to use.


Decode(Byte[]) Decode(Byte[]) Decode(Byte[]) Decode(Byte[])

Decrypts the specified data by using the provided RSA key(s) to decrypt an AES key, which decrypts the cookie.

Encode(Byte[]) Encode(Byte[]) Encode(Byte[]) Encode(Byte[])

Encodes the specified data. The data is encrypted using the default encryption algorithm (AES-256), then the AES key is encrypted using RSA and the RSA public key is appended.

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