RsaSignatureCookieTransform RsaSignatureCookieTransform RsaSignatureCookieTransform RsaSignatureCookieTransform Class


Provides cookie integrity using an RSA signature.

public ref class RsaSignatureCookieTransform : System::IdentityModel::CookieTransform
public class RsaSignatureCookieTransform : System.IdentityModel.CookieTransform
type RsaSignatureCookieTransform = class
    inherit CookieTransform
Public Class RsaSignatureCookieTransform
Inherits CookieTransform


RsaSignatureCookieTransform adds an RSA MAC to the cookie data. This provides integrity but not confidentiality. By default, the MAC uses SHA-256, but SHA-1 may be requested.

Cookies protected with this transform may be read by any computer that shares the same RSA private key (generally associated with an X509 certificate).


When using the RsaSignatureCookieTransform with a service, if a key provided by a certificate changes the service must be restarted.


RsaSignatureCookieTransform(RSA) RsaSignatureCookieTransform(RSA) RsaSignatureCookieTransform(RSA) RsaSignatureCookieTransform(RSA)

Initializes a new instance of the RsaSignatureCookieTransform class by using the specified RSA key.

RsaSignatureCookieTransform(X509Certificate2) RsaSignatureCookieTransform(X509Certificate2) RsaSignatureCookieTransform(X509Certificate2) RsaSignatureCookieTransform(X509Certificate2)

Initializes a new instance of the RsaSignatureCookieTransform class by using the private key of the specified certificate.


HashName HashName HashName HashName

Gets or sets the name of the hash algorithm to use.

SigningKey SigningKey SigningKey SigningKey

Gets or sets the RSA key that is used for signing.

VerificationKeys VerificationKeys VerificationKeys VerificationKeys

Gets the collection of keys used for signature verification.

By default, this property returns a list that contains only the signing key.


Decode(Byte[]) Decode(Byte[]) Decode(Byte[]) Decode(Byte[])

Verifies the specified signature and returns the original, unsigned data.

Encode(Byte[]) Encode(Byte[]) Encode(Byte[]) Encode(Byte[])

Signs the specified data.

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