AudienceUriMode AudienceUriMode AudienceUriMode AudienceUriMode Enum


Specifies whether the SamlSecurityToken security token's SamlAudienceRestrictionCondition should be validated.

public enum class AudienceUriMode
public enum AudienceUriMode
type AudienceUriMode = 
Public Enum AudienceUriMode


Always Always Always Always 1


BearerKeyOnly BearerKeyOnly BearerKeyOnly BearerKeyOnly 2

Only when the security token's key is of type BearerKey and there are no proof of possession keys in the security token.

Never Never Never Never 0



Use the AudienceUriMode property in a federated application that utilizes a security token service (STS) that issues SamlSecurityToken security tokens. When the STS issues the security token, it can specify the URI of the Web services for which the security token is intended by adding a SamlAudienceRestrictionCondition to the security token. That allows the SamlSecurityTokenAuthenticator for the recipient Web service to verify that the issued security token is intended for this Web service by specifying that this check should happen by doing the following:

Optionally, override the ValidateAudienceRestriction method to specify the validation algorithm to use for the allowed URI.

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