MachineKeyTransform MachineKeyTransform MachineKeyTransform MachineKeyTransform Class


Protects session tokens with the cryptographic material specified in the <machineKey> section of the web.config or machine.config configuration file.

public ref class MachineKeyTransform : System::IdentityModel::CookieTransform
public class MachineKeyTransform : System.IdentityModel.CookieTransform
type MachineKeyTransform = class
    inherit CookieTransform
Public Class MachineKeyTransform
Inherits CookieTransform


MachineKeyTransform() MachineKeyTransform() MachineKeyTransform() MachineKeyTransform()

Initializes a new instance of the MachineKeyTransform class.


Decode(Byte[]) Decode(Byte[]) Decode(Byte[]) Decode(Byte[])

Reverses the transform.

Encode(Byte[]) Encode(Byte[]) Encode(Byte[]) Encode(Byte[])

Applies the transform.

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