RedirectingToIdentityProviderEventArgs RedirectingToIdentityProviderEventArgs RedirectingToIdentityProviderEventArgs RedirectingToIdentityProviderEventArgs Class


Provides data for the RedirectingToIdentityProvider event.

public ref class RedirectingToIdentityProviderEventArgs : System::ComponentModel::CancelEventArgs
public class RedirectingToIdentityProviderEventArgs : System.ComponentModel.CancelEventArgs
type RedirectingToIdentityProviderEventArgs = class
    inherit CancelEventArgs
Public Class RedirectingToIdentityProviderEventArgs
Inherits CancelEventArgs


The RedirectingToIdentityProvider event is raised before the WSFederationAuthenticationModule redirects the request to the identity provider. You can access and modify the request through the SignInRequestMessage property. For example, you can modify the BaseUri property in the sign-in message to change the identity provider to which the request will be redirected.


RedirectingToIdentityProviderEventArgs(SignInRequestMessage) RedirectingToIdentityProviderEventArgs(SignInRequestMessage) RedirectingToIdentityProviderEventArgs(SignInRequestMessage) RedirectingToIdentityProviderEventArgs(SignInRequestMessage)

Initializes an instance of the RedirectingToIdentityProviderEventArgs class by using the specified WS-Federation Passive Sign-in message.


Cancel Cancel Cancel Cancel

Gets or sets a value indicating whether the event should be canceled.

(Inherited from CancelEventArgs)
SignInRequestMessage SignInRequestMessage SignInRequestMessage SignInRequestMessage

Gets or sets the WS-Federation Passive Sign-in message that will be used to redirect the user to the identity provider.


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