WSFederationAuthenticationModule.GetSessionTokenContext Method


Gets a string that should be persisted with the session cookie in the Context property.

 virtual System::String ^ GetSessionTokenContext();
protected virtual string GetSessionTokenContext ();
abstract member GetSessionTokenContext : unit -> string
override this.GetSessionTokenContext : unit -> string
Protected Overridable Function GetSessionTokenContext () As String



The string to persist in the session cookie.


The Issuer property is null.


The GetSessionTokenContext method is called from the request processing pipeline when processing a WS-Federation sign-in response message to get the value to store in the SessionSecurityToken.Context property inside the session cookie.

You can override this method to provide an application-specific value to be stored in the cookie. WSFAM does not expose any methods to retrieve the value from the cookie. You must provide the logic in your application to read the value back from the cookie if it is needed.

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