SessionSecurityToken.KeyGeneration SessionSecurityToken.KeyGeneration SessionSecurityToken.KeyGeneration SessionSecurityToken.KeyGeneration Property


Gets the identifier for the key generation in this token

 property System::Xml::UniqueId ^ KeyGeneration { System::Xml::UniqueId ^ get(); };
public System.Xml.UniqueId KeyGeneration { get; }
member this.KeyGeneration : System.Xml.UniqueId
Public ReadOnly Property KeyGeneration As UniqueId

Property Value

The unique identifier for the key generation in this token.


The KeyGeneration property is unique within a session token. When a session token is issued it has only a context ID, which is accessible through the ContextId property. When the session token is renewed, the key generation is added.

The SessionSecurityTokenCacheKey class uses both the context ID and the key generation to generate a key for the token in the SessionSecurityTokenCache.

The SessionSecurityTokenHandler class serializes this property as the <Instance> child element of the <wsc:SecurityContextToken> element. For more information, see the documentation for the SessionSecurityTokenHandler.WriteToken method.

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