INormalizeForIsolatedStorage.Normalize Method


When overridden in a derived class, returns a normalized copy of the object on which it is called.

 System::Object ^ Normalize();
public object Normalize ();
abstract member Normalize : unit -> obj
Public Function Normalize () As Object



A normalized object that represents the instance on which this method was called. This instance can be a string, stream, or any serializable object.

Notes to Implementers

When you override this method and the object returned is a stream, it is assumed to be serialized and is compared directly to the serialized form of the evidence used to create existing stores. If the object returned is a string, it is considered the name of an isolated store and compared to the names of the existing stores.

Notes to Callers

You typically call this method if you are writing a class derived from isolated storage and you need to check to see if isolated storage already exists for the current assembly.

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