RightsManagementInformation.LoadUseLicense(ContentUser) Method


Returns a specified user's embedded UseLicense from the encrypted rights management data stream.

 System::Security::RightsManagement::UseLicense ^ LoadUseLicense(System::Security::RightsManagement::ContentUser ^ userKey);
public System.Security.RightsManagement.UseLicense LoadUseLicense (System.Security.RightsManagement.ContentUser userKey);
member this.LoadUseLicense : System.Security.RightsManagement.ContentUser -> System.Security.RightsManagement.UseLicense
Public Function LoadUseLicense (userKey As ContentUser) As UseLicense



The user or user group to return the UseLicense for.


The UseLicense for the specified user; or null, if the package does not contain a UseLicense that matches the given userKey.


The userKey parameter is null.

The rights management information in this package cannot be read by the current version of this class.


The following example shows how to use the LoadUseLicense method.

ShowStatus("   Opening the encrypted Package.");
EncryptedPackageEnvelope ePackage =
    EncryptedPackageEnvelope.Open(xpsFile, FileAccess.ReadWrite);
RightsManagementInformation rmi =

ShowStatus("   Looking for an embedded UseLicense for user:\n       " +
           currentUserId + " [" + _authentication + "]");
UseLicense useLicense =
        new ContentUser(currentUserId, _authentication));

ReadOnlyCollection<ContentGrant> grants;
if (useLicense == null)
    ShowStatus("   No Embedded UseLicense found.\n       " +
               "Attempting to acqure UseLicnese\n       " +
               "from the PublishLicense.");
    PublishLicense pubLicense = rmi.LoadPublishLicense();

    ShowStatus("   Referral information:");

    if (pubLicense.ReferralInfoName == null)
        ShowStatus("       Name: (null)");
        ShowStatus("       Name: " + pubLicense.ReferralInfoName);

    if (pubLicense.ReferralInfoUri == null)
        ShowStatus("    Uri: (null)");
        ShowStatus("    Uri: " +

    useLicense = pubLicense.AcquireUseLicense(_secureEnv);
    if (useLicense == null)
        ShowStatus("   User DOES NOT HAVE RIGHTS\n       " +
            "to access this document!");
        return false;
}// end:if (useLicense == null)
ShowStatus("   UseLicense acquired.");
ShowStatus("   Opening the encrypted Package.")
Dim ePackage As EncryptedPackageEnvelope = EncryptedPackageEnvelope.Open(xpsFile, FileAccess.ReadWrite)
Dim rmi As RightsManagementInformation = ePackage.RightsManagementInformation

ShowStatus("   Looking for an embedded UseLicense for user:" & vbLf & "       " & currentUserId & " [" & _authentication & "]")
Dim useLicense As UseLicense = rmi.LoadUseLicense(New ContentUser(currentUserId, _authentication))

Dim grants As ReadOnlyCollection(Of ContentGrant)
If useLicense Is Nothing Then
    ShowStatus("   No Embedded UseLicense found." & vbLf & "       " & "Attempting to acqure UseLicnese" & vbLf & "       " & "from the PublishLicense.")
    Dim pubLicense As PublishLicense = rmi.LoadPublishLicense()

    ShowStatus("   Referral information:")

    If pubLicense.ReferralInfoName Is Nothing Then
        ShowStatus("       Name: (null)")
        ShowStatus("       Name: " & pubLicense.ReferralInfoName)
    End If

    If pubLicense.ReferralInfoUri Is Nothing Then
        ShowStatus("    Uri: (null)")
        ShowStatus("    Uri: " & pubLicense.ReferralInfoUri.ToString())
    End If

    useLicense = pubLicense.AcquireUseLicense(_secureEnv)
    If useLicense Is Nothing Then
        ShowStatus("   User DOES NOT HAVE RIGHTS" & vbLf & "       " & "to access this document!")
        Return False
    End If
End If ' end:if (useLicense == null)
ShowStatus("   UseLicense acquired.")

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