CommandLookupEventArgs CommandLookupEventArgs CommandLookupEventArgs Class


EventArgs for the ScriptCmdletVariableUpdate event

public class CommandLookupEventArgs : EventArgs
type CommandLookupEventArgs = class
    inherit EventArgs
Public Class CommandLookupEventArgs
Inherits EventArgs


Command Command Command

The CommandInfo obejct for the command that was found.

CommandName CommandName CommandName

The name of the command we're looking for

CommandOrigin CommandOrigin CommandOrigin

The origin of the command internal or runspace (external)

CommandScriptBlock CommandScriptBlock CommandScriptBlock

Scriptblock to be returned as the found command. If it is set to null, then the command to return and the StopSearch flag will be reset.

StopSearch StopSearch StopSearch

If true on return from event handler, the search is stopped.

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