ErrorCategory ErrorCategory ErrorCategory ErrorCategory Enum


Errors reported by Monad will be in one of these categories.

public enum class ErrorCategory
public enum ErrorCategory
type ErrorCategory = 
Public Enum ErrorCategory


AuthenticationError AuthenticationError AuthenticationError AuthenticationError 28

Could not authenticate the user to the service. Could mean that the credentials are invalid or the authentication system is not functioning properly.

CloseError CloseError CloseError CloseError 2
ConnectionError ConnectionError ConnectionError ConnectionError 27

The operation depends on a network connection that cannot be established or maintained.

DeadlockDetected DeadlockDetected DeadlockDetected DeadlockDetected 4
DeviceError DeviceError DeviceError DeviceError 3
FromStdErr FromStdErr FromStdErr FromStdErr 24

A non-Monad command reported an error to its STDERR pipe.

InvalidArgument InvalidArgument InvalidArgument InvalidArgument 5
InvalidData InvalidData InvalidData InvalidData 6
InvalidOperation InvalidOperation InvalidOperation InvalidOperation 7
InvalidResult InvalidResult InvalidResult InvalidResult 8
InvalidType InvalidType InvalidType InvalidType 9
LimitsExceeded LimitsExceeded LimitsExceeded LimitsExceeded 29

Internal limits prevent the operation from being executed.

MetadataError MetadataError MetadataError MetadataError 10
NotEnabled NotEnabled NotEnabled NotEnabled 31

The operation attempted to use functionality that is currently disabled.

NotImplemented NotImplemented NotImplemented NotImplemented 11
NotInstalled NotInstalled NotInstalled NotInstalled 12
NotSpecified NotSpecified NotSpecified NotSpecified 0

No error category is specified, or the error category is invalid.

ObjectNotFound ObjectNotFound ObjectNotFound ObjectNotFound 13

Object can not be found (file, directory, computer, system resource, etc.)

OpenError OpenError OpenError OpenError 1
OperationStopped OperationStopped OperationStopped OperationStopped 14
OperationTimeout OperationTimeout OperationTimeout OperationTimeout 15
ParserError ParserError ParserError ParserError 17
PermissionDenied PermissionDenied PermissionDenied PermissionDenied 18

Operation not permitted

ProtocolError ProtocolError ProtocolError ProtocolError 26

The contract of a protocol is not being followed. Should not happen with well-behaved components.

QuotaExceeded QuotaExceeded QuotaExceeded QuotaExceeded 30

Controls on the use of traffic or resources prevent the operation from being executed.

ReadError ReadError ReadError ReadError 22
ResourceBusy ResourceBusy ResourceBusy ResourceBusy 19
ResourceExists ResourceExists ResourceExists ResourceExists 20
ResourceUnavailable ResourceUnavailable ResourceUnavailable ResourceUnavailable 21
SecurityError SecurityError SecurityError SecurityError 25

Used for security exceptions

SyntaxError SyntaxError SyntaxError SyntaxError 16
WriteError WriteError WriteError WriteError 23


Do not specify ErrorCategory.NotSpecified when creating an ErrorRecord. Choose the best match from among the other values.

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