ErrorCategoryInfo ErrorCategoryInfo ErrorCategoryInfo ErrorCategoryInfo Class


Contains auxiliary information about an ErrorRecord

public ref class ErrorCategoryInfo
public class ErrorCategoryInfo
type ErrorCategoryInfo = class
Public Class ErrorCategoryInfo


Activity Activity Activity Activity

text description of the operation which encountered the error

Category Category Category Category
Reason Reason Reason Reason

text description of the error

TargetName TargetName TargetName TargetName

text description of the target object

TargetType TargetType TargetType TargetType

text description of the type of the target object


GetMessage() GetMessage() GetMessage() GetMessage()

concise text description based on Category

GetMessage(CultureInfo) GetMessage(CultureInfo) GetMessage(CultureInfo) GetMessage(CultureInfo)

concise text description based on Category

ToString() ToString() ToString() ToString()

Same as GetMessage()

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