FieldDescription FieldDescription FieldDescription Class


Provides a description of a field for use by Prompt(String, String, Collection<FieldDescription>).

public class FieldDescription
type FieldDescription = class
Public Class FieldDescription


It is permitted to subclass FieldDescription but there is no established scenario for doing this, nor has it been tested.


FieldDescription(String) FieldDescription(String) FieldDescription(String)

Initializes a new instance of FieldDescription and defines the Name value.


Attributes Attributes Attributes

Gets the Attribute classes that apply to the field. In the case that is being called from the MSH engine, this will contain the set of prompting attributes that are attached to a cmdlet parameter declaration.

DefaultValue DefaultValue DefaultValue

Gets and sets the default value, if any, for the implementation of to pre-populate its UI with. This is a PSObject instance so that the value can be serialized, converted, manipulated like any pipeline object.

HelpMessage HelpMessage HelpMessage

Gets and sets the help message for this field.

IsMandatory IsMandatory IsMandatory

Gets and sets whether a value must be supplied for this field

Label Label Label

A short, human-presentable message to describe and identify the field. If supplied, a typical implementation of will use this value instead of the field name to identify the field to the user.

Name Name Name

Gets the name of the field.

ParameterAssemblyFullName ParameterAssemblyFullName ParameterAssemblyFullName

Gets the full name of the assembly containing the type identified by ParameterTypeFullName or ParameterTypeName

ParameterTypeFullName ParameterTypeFullName ParameterTypeFullName

Gets the full string name of the parameter's type.

ParameterTypeName ParameterTypeName ParameterTypeName

Gets the short name of the parameter's type.


SetParameterType(Type) SetParameterType(Type) SetParameterType(Type)

Sets the ParameterTypeName, ParameterTypeFullName, and ParameterAssemblyFullName as a single operation.

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