JobDefinition JobDefinition JobDefinition Class


Contains the definition of a job which is defined in a job store

public class JobDefinition : System.Runtime.Serialization.ISerializable
type JobDefinition = class
    interface ISerializable
Public Class JobDefinition
Implements ISerializable


The actual implementation of this class will
            happen in M2


JobDefinition(SerializationInfo, StreamingContext) JobDefinition(SerializationInfo, StreamingContext) JobDefinition(SerializationInfo, StreamingContext)
JobDefinition(Type, String, String) JobDefinition(Type, String, String) JobDefinition(Type, String, String)

Public constructor for testing.


Command Command Command

Name of the job that needs to be loaded from the specified module

CommandInfo CommandInfo CommandInfo

Returns information about this job like name, definition, parameters etc

InstanceId InstanceId InstanceId

Unique Guid for this job definition

JobSourceAdapterType JobSourceAdapterType JobSourceAdapterType

The type that derives from JobSourceAdapter that contains the logic for invocation and management of this type of job.

JobSourceAdapterTypeName JobSourceAdapterTypeName JobSourceAdapterTypeName

Job source adapter type name.

ModuleName ModuleName ModuleName

Module name for the module containing the source adapter implementation.

Name Name Name

A friendly Name for this definition


GetObjectData(SerializationInfo, StreamingContext) GetObjectData(SerializationInfo, StreamingContext) GetObjectData(SerializationInfo, StreamingContext)
Load(Stream) Load(Stream) Load(Stream)

Load this definition from the specified file on disk

Save(Stream) Save(Stream) Save(Stream)

Save this definition to the specified file on disk

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