JobState JobState JobState Enum


Enumeration for job status values. Indicates the status of the result object

public enum JobState
type JobState = 
Public Enum JobState


AtBreakpoint AtBreakpoint AtBreakpoint

Script execution is halted in a debugger stop.

Blocked Blocked Blocked

Command execution is blocked (on user input host calls etc)

Completed Completed Completed

execution of command completed in all computernames/runspaces

Disconnected Disconnected Disconnected

The job is a remote job and has been disconnected from the server.

Failed Failed Failed

An error was encountered when trying to executed command in one or more computernames/runspaces

NotStarted NotStarted NotStarted

Execution of command in job not started

Running Running Running

execution of command in progress

Stopped Stopped Stopped

Command execution is cancelled (stopped) in one or more computernames/runspaces.

Stopping Stopping Stopping

Stop is in progress

Suspended Suspended Suspended

The job has been suspended

Suspending Suspending Suspending

Suspend is in progress