JobState Enum


Enumeration for job status values. Indicates the status of the result object

public enum class JobState
public enum JobState
type JobState = 
Public Enum JobState


AtBreakpoint 10

Script execution is halted in a debugger stop.

Blocked 5

Command execution is blocked (on user input host calls etc)

Completed 2

execution of command completed in all computernames/runspaces

Disconnected 7

The job is a remote job and has been disconnected from the server.

Failed 3

An error was encountered when trying to executed command in one or more computernames/runspaces

NotStarted 0

Execution of command in job not started

Running 1

execution of command in progress

Stopped 4

Command execution is cancelled (stopped) in one or more computernames/runspaces.

Stopping 9

Stop is in progress

Suspended 6

The job has been suspended

Suspending 8

Suspend is in progress

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