DynamicKeyword DynamicKeyword DynamicKeyword DynamicKeyword Class


Defines the schema/behaviour for a dynamic keyword. a constrained

public ref class DynamicKeyword
public class DynamicKeyword
type DynamicKeyword = class
Public Class DynamicKeyword


DynamicKeyword() DynamicKeyword() DynamicKeyword() DynamicKeyword()


BodyMode BodyMode BodyMode BodyMode

Set to true if we should be looking for a scriptblock instead of a hashtable

DirectCall DirectCall DirectCall DirectCall

If true, then don't use the marshalled call. Just rewrite the node as a simple direct function call. If NameMode is other than NoName, then the name of the instance will be passed as the parameter -InstanceName.

HasReservedProperties HasReservedProperties HasReservedProperties HasReservedProperties

Contains the list of properties that are reserved for future use

ImplementingModule ImplementingModule ImplementingModule ImplementingModule

The name of the module that implements the function corresponding to this keyword.

ImplementingModuleVersion ImplementingModuleVersion ImplementingModuleVersion ImplementingModuleVersion

The version of the module that implements the function corresponding to this keyword.

IsReservedKeyword IsReservedKeyword IsReservedKeyword IsReservedKeyword

Indicate that the keyword is reservce for future use by powershell

Keyword Keyword Keyword Keyword

The keyword string If an alias qualifier exist, use alias

MetaStatement MetaStatement MetaStatement MetaStatement

Indicate that the nothing should be added to the AST for this dynamic keyword.

NameMode NameMode NameMode NameMode

This allows you to specify if the keyword takes a name argument and if so, what form that takes.

Parameters Parameters Parameters Parameters

A list of the parameters allowed for this constuctor.

PostParse PostParse PostParse PostParse

A custom function that gets executed at parsing time after parsing dynamickeyword block

PreParse PreParse PreParse PreParse

A custom function that gets executed at parsing time before parsing dynamickeyword block The delegate has one parameter: DynamicKeyword

Properties Properties Properties Properties

A list of the properties allowed for this constuctor

ResourceName ResourceName ResourceName ResourceName

The keyword resource name string

SemanticCheck SemanticCheck SemanticCheck SemanticCheck

A custom function that checks semantic for the given DynamicKeywordStatementAst


AddKeyword(DynamicKeyword) AddKeyword(DynamicKeyword) AddKeyword(DynamicKeyword) AddKeyword(DynamicKeyword)
ContainsKeyword(String) ContainsKeyword(String) ContainsKeyword(String) ContainsKeyword(String)
Copy() Copy() Copy() Copy()

Duplicates the DynamicKeyword

GetKeyword() GetKeyword() GetKeyword() GetKeyword()

Returns a copied list of all of the existing dynamic keyword definitions.

GetKeyword(String) GetKeyword(String) GetKeyword(String) GetKeyword(String)
Pop() Pop() Pop() Pop()

Pop up previous dynamicKeywords cache

Push() Push() Push() Push()

Push current dynamicKeywords cache into stack

RemoveKeyword(String) RemoveKeyword(String) RemoveKeyword(String) RemoveKeyword(String)

Remove a single entry from the dynamic keyword collection and clean up any assoicated data.

Reset() Reset() Reset() Reset()

Reset the keyword table to a new empty collection.

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