ParameterMetadata ParameterMetadata ParameterMetadata ParameterMetadata Class


This class represents the compiled metadata for a parameter.

public ref class ParameterMetadata sealed
public sealed class ParameterMetadata
type ParameterMetadata = class
Public NotInheritable Class ParameterMetadata


ParameterMetadata(ParameterMetadata) ParameterMetadata(ParameterMetadata) ParameterMetadata(ParameterMetadata) ParameterMetadata(ParameterMetadata)

A copy constructor that creates a deep copy of the other ParameterMetadata object. Instances of Attribute and Type classes are copied by reference.

ParameterMetadata(String) ParameterMetadata(String) ParameterMetadata(String) ParameterMetadata(String)

Constructs a ParameterMetadata instance.

ParameterMetadata(String, Type) ParameterMetadata(String, Type) ParameterMetadata(String, Type) ParameterMetadata(String, Type)

Constructs a ParameterMetadata instance.


Aliases Aliases Aliases Aliases

Specifies the alias names for this parameter

Attributes Attributes Attributes Attributes

A collection of the attributes found on the member.

IsDynamic IsDynamic IsDynamic IsDynamic

Specifies if the parameter is Dynamic

Name Name Name Name

Gets the name of the parameter

ParameterSets ParameterSets ParameterSets ParameterSets

Gets the ParameterSets metadata that this parameter belongs to.

ParameterType ParameterType ParameterType ParameterType

Gets the Type information of the Parameter.

SwitchParameter SwitchParameter SwitchParameter SwitchParameter

Specifies if the parameter is a SwitchParameter


GetParameterMetadata(Type) GetParameterMetadata(Type) GetParameterMetadata(Type) GetParameterMetadata(Type)

Gets a dictionary of parameter metadata for the supplied type.

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