ProgressRecord ProgressRecord ProgressRecord Class


Defines a data structure used to represent the status of an ongoing operation at a point in time.

public class ProgressRecord
type ProgressRecord = class
Public Class ProgressRecord


ProgressRecords are passed to WriteProgress(ProgressRecord), which, according to user preference, forwards that information on to the host for rendering to the user.


ProgressRecord(Int32, String, String) ProgressRecord(Int32, String, String) ProgressRecord(Int32, String, String)

Initializes a new instance of the ProgressRecord class and defines the activity Id, activity description, and status description.


Activity Activity Activity

Gets and sets the description of the activity for which progress is being reported.

ActivityId ActivityId ActivityId

Gets the Id of the activity to which this record corresponds. Used as a 'key' for the linking of subordinate activities.

CurrentOperation CurrentOperation CurrentOperation

Gets and sets the current operation of the many required to accomplish the activity (such as "copying foo.txt"). Normally displayed below its associated progress bar, e.g., "deleting file" Set to null or empty in the case a sub-activity will be used to show the current operation.

ParentActivityId ParentActivityId ParentActivityId

Gets and sets the Id of the activity for which this record is a subordinate.

PercentComplete PercentComplete PercentComplete

Gets and sets the estimate of the percentage of total work for the activity that is completed. Typically displayed as a progress bar. Set to a negative value to indicate that the percentage completed should not be displayed.

RecordType RecordType RecordType

Gets and sets the type of record represented by this instance.

SecondsRemaining SecondsRemaining SecondsRemaining

Gets and sets the estimate of time remaining until this activity is completed. This can be based upon a measurement of time since started and the percent complete or another approach deemed appropriate by the caller.

Normally displayed beside the progress bar, as "N seconds remaining."

StatusDescription StatusDescription StatusDescription

Gets and sets the current status of the operation, e.g., "35 of 50 items Copied." or "95% completed." or "100 files purged."


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