NavigationCmdletProvider.NormalizeRelativePath Method


Normalizes the path that was passed in and returns the normalized path as a relative path to the basePath that was passed.

protected virtual string NormalizeRelativePath (string path, string basePath);

A fully qualified provider specific path to an item. The item should exist or the provider should write out an error.


The path that the return value should be relative to.


A normalized path that is relative to the basePath that was passed. The provider should parse the path parameter, normalize the path, and then return the normalized path relative to the basePath.


This method does not have to be purely syntactical parsing of the path. It is encouraged that the provider actually use the path to lookup in its store and create a relative path that matches the casing, and standardized path syntax.

         Note, the base class implemenation uses GetParentPath, GetChildName, and MakePath
         to normalize the path and then make it relative to basePath. All string comparisons
         are done using StringComparison.InvariantCultureIngoreCase.