ProviderCmdlet ProviderCmdlet ProviderCmdlet Class


Providers that want to specify OutputType can use these strings for the ProviderCmdlet parameter.

public static class ProviderCmdlet
type ProviderCmdlet = class
Public Class ProviderCmdlet


AddContent AddContent AddContent

Add-Content cmdlet

ClearContent ClearContent ClearContent

Clear-Content cmdlet

ClearItem ClearItem ClearItem

Clear-Item cmdlet

ClearItemProperty ClearItemProperty ClearItemProperty

Clear-ItemProperty cmdlet

ConvertPath ConvertPath ConvertPath

Convert-Path cmdlet

CopyItem CopyItem CopyItem

Copy-Item cmdlet

CopyItemProperty CopyItemProperty CopyItemProperty

Copy-ItemProperty cmdlet

GetAcl GetAcl GetAcl

Get-Acl cmdlet

GetChildItem GetChildItem GetChildItem

Get-ChildItem cmdlet

GetContent GetContent GetContent

Get-Content cmdlet

GetItem GetItem GetItem

Get-Item cmdlet

GetItemProperty GetItemProperty GetItemProperty

Get-ItemProperty cmdlet

GetLocation GetLocation GetLocation

Get-Location cmdlet

GetPSDrive GetPSDrive GetPSDrive

Get-PSDrive cmdlet

GetPSProvider GetPSProvider GetPSProvider

Get-PSProvider cmdlet

InvokeItem InvokeItem InvokeItem

Invoke-Item cmdlet

JoinPath JoinPath JoinPath

Join-Path cmdlet

MoveItem MoveItem MoveItem

Move-Item cmdlet

MoveItemProperty MoveItemProperty MoveItemProperty

Move-ItemProperty cmdlet

NewItem NewItem NewItem

New-Item cmdlet

NewItemProperty NewItemProperty NewItemProperty

New-ItemProperty cmdlet

NewPSDrive NewPSDrive NewPSDrive

New-PSDrive cmdlet

PopLocation PopLocation PopLocation

Pop-Location cmdlet

PushLocation PushLocation PushLocation

Push-Location cmdlet

RemoveItem RemoveItem RemoveItem

Remove-Item cmdlet

RemoveItemProperty RemoveItemProperty RemoveItemProperty

Remove-ItemProperty cmdlet

RemovePSDrive RemovePSDrive RemovePSDrive

Remove-PSDrive cmdlet

RenameItem RenameItem RenameItem

Rename-Item cmdlet

RenameItemProperty RenameItemProperty RenameItemProperty

Rename-ItemProperty cmdlet

ResolvePath ResolvePath ResolvePath

Resolve-Path cmdlet

SetAcl SetAcl SetAcl

Set-Acl cmdlet

SetContent SetContent SetContent

Set-Content cmdlet

SetItem SetItem SetItem

Set-Item cmdlet

SetItemProperty SetItemProperty SetItemProperty

Set-ItemProperty cmdlet

SetLocation SetLocation SetLocation

Set-Location cmdlet

SplitPath SplitPath SplitPath

Split-Path cmdlet

TestPath TestPath TestPath

Test-Path cmdlet

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