PSAdaptedProperty PSAdaptedProperty PSAdaptedProperty Class


A property created by a user-defined PSPropertyAdapter

public class PSAdaptedProperty : System.Management.Automation.PSProperty
type PSAdaptedProperty = class
    inherit PSProperty
Public Class PSAdaptedProperty
Inherits PSProperty


PSAdaptedProperty(String, Object) PSAdaptedProperty(String, Object) PSAdaptedProperty(String, Object)

Creates a property for the given base object


BaseObject BaseObject BaseObject

Gets the object the property belongs to

IsGettable IsGettable IsGettable Inherited from PSProperty
IsInstance IsInstance IsInstance Inherited from PSMemberInfo
IsSettable IsSettable IsSettable Inherited from PSProperty
MemberType MemberType MemberType Inherited from PSProperty
Name Name Name Inherited from PSMemberInfo
Tag Tag Tag

Gets the data attached to this property

TypeNameOfValue TypeNameOfValue TypeNameOfValue Inherited from PSProperty
Value Value Value Inherited from PSProperty


Copy() Copy() Copy()

Copy an adapted property.

SetMemberName(String) SetMemberName(String) SetMemberName(String) Inherited from PSMemberInfo
ToString() ToString() ToString() Inherited from PSProperty

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