PSControl PSControl PSControl PSControl Class


Defines a control for the formatting types defined by PowerShell

public ref class PSControl abstract
public abstract class PSControl
type PSControl = class
Public MustInherit Class PSControl


PSControl() PSControl() PSControl() PSControl()


GroupBy GroupBy GroupBy GroupBy

Each control can group items and specify a header for the group. You can group by same property value, or result of evaluating a script block.

OutOfBand OutOfBand OutOfBand OutOfBand

When the "shape" of formatting has been determined by previous objects, sometimes you want objects of different types to continue using that shape (table, list, or whatever) even if they specify their own views, and sometimes you want your view to take over. When OutOfBand is true, the view will apply regardless of previous objects that may have selected the shape.

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