PSEventArgs PSEventArgs PSEventArgs Class


The event arguments associated with an event

public class PSEventArgs : EventArgs
type PSEventArgs = class
    inherit EventArgs
Public Class PSEventArgs
Inherits EventArgs


ComputerName ComputerName ComputerName

Gets the name of the computer on which this event was generated; the value of this property is null for events generated on the local machine.

EventIdentifier EventIdentifier EventIdentifier

Gets the unique identifier of this event

MessageData MessageData MessageData

Gets the additional user data associated with this event

RunspaceId RunspaceId RunspaceId

Gets the unique identifier of this event

Sender Sender Sender

Gets the object that generated this event

SourceArgs SourceArgs SourceArgs

Gets the list of arguments captured by the original event source

SourceEventArgs SourceEventArgs SourceEventArgs

Gets the first argument from the original event source that derives from EventArgs

SourceIdentifier SourceIdentifier SourceIdentifier

Gets the identifier associated with the source of this event

TimeGenerated TimeGenerated TimeGenerated

Gets the time and date that this event was generated

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