PSEventSubscriber PSEventSubscriber PSEventSubscriber Class


Represents a subscriber to an event

public class PSEventSubscriber : IEquatable<System.Management.Automation.PSEventSubscriber>
type PSEventSubscriber = class
    interface IEquatable<PSEventSubscriber>
Public Class PSEventSubscriber
Implements IEquatable(Of PSEventSubscriber)


Action Action Action

The action invoked when this event arrives

EventName EventName EventName

The event object to which this event subscription applies

ForwardEvent ForwardEvent ForwardEvent

Gets whether to forward the event to the PowerShell client during a remote execution

HandlerDelegate HandlerDelegate HandlerDelegate

The delegate invoked when this event arrives

SourceIdentifier SourceIdentifier SourceIdentifier

The identifier that identifies the source of these events

SourceObject SourceObject SourceObject

The object to which this event subscription applies

SubscriptionId SubscriptionId SubscriptionId

Get the identifier of this event subscription

SupportEvent SupportEvent SupportEvent

Get the flag that marks this event as a supporting event


Equals(PSEventSubscriber) Equals(PSEventSubscriber) Equals(PSEventSubscriber)

Determines if two PSEventSubscriber instances are equal The PSEventSubscriber to which to compare this instance

GetHashCode() GetHashCode() GetHashCode()

Gets the hashcode that represents this PSEventSubscriber instance


Unsubscribed Unsubscribed Unsubscribed

The event generated when this event subscriber is unregistered

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