PSInstaller PSInstaller PSInstaller Class


PSInstaller is a class for facilitating installation of monad engine and monad PSSnapin's.

This class implements installer api from CLR. At install time, installation utilities (like InstallUtil.exe) will call api implementation functions in this class automatically. This includes functions like Install, Uninstall, Rollback and Commit.

This class is an abstract class for handling installation needs that are common for all monad components, which include,

1. accessing system registry
2. support of additional command line parameters. 
3. writing registry files
4. automatically extract informaton like vender, version, etc.

Different monad component will derive from this class. Two common components that need install include,

1. PSSnapin. Installation of PSSnapin will require information 
   about PSSnapin assembly, version, vendor, etc to be 
   written to registry.

2. Engine. Installation of monad engine will require information
   about engine assembly, version, CLR information to be
   written to registry.
public abstract class PSInstaller : System.Configuration.Install.Installer
type PSInstaller = class
    inherit Installer
Public MustInherit Class PSInstaller
Inherits Installer


This is an abstract class to be derived by monad engine and PSSnapin installers
only. Developer should not directly derive from this class.


PSInstaller() PSInstaller() PSInstaller()


Install(IDictionary) Install(IDictionary) Install(IDictionary)
Rollback(IDictionary) Rollback(IDictionary) Rollback(IDictionary)

Rollback this msh component

Uninstall(IDictionary) Uninstall(IDictionary) Uninstall(IDictionary)

Uninstall this msh component

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