PSMemberInfoCollection<T> PSMemberInfoCollection<T> PSMemberInfoCollection<T> Class


Serves as the collection of members in an PSObject or MemberSet

public abstract class PSMemberInfoCollection<T> : System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<T> where T : PSMemberInfo
type PSMemberInfoCollection<'T (requires 'T :> PSMemberInfo)> = class
    interface seq<'T (requires 'T :> PSMemberInfo)>
    interface IEnumerable
Public MustInherit Class PSMemberInfoCollection(Of T)
Implements IEnumerable(Of T)
Type Parameters


PSMemberInfoCollection<T>() PSMemberInfoCollection<T>() PSMemberInfoCollection<T>()

Initializes a new instance of an PSMemberInfoCollection derived class


Item[String] Item[String] Item[String]

Gets the member in this collection matching name. If the member does not exist, null is returned.


Add(T) Add(T) Add(T)

Adds a member to this collection

Add(T, Boolean) Add(T, Boolean) Add(T, Boolean)

Adds a member to this collection

GetEnumerator() GetEnumerator() GetEnumerator()

Gets the specific enumerator for this collection.

Match(String) Match(String) Match(String)

Returns all members in the collection matching name

Match(String, PSMemberTypes) Match(String, PSMemberTypes) Match(String, PSMemberTypes)

Returns all members in the collection matching name and types

Remove(String) Remove(String) Remove(String)

Removes a member from this collection

Explicit Interface Implementations

IEnumerable.GetEnumerator() IEnumerable.GetEnumerator() IEnumerable.GetEnumerator()

Gets the general enumerator for this collection

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