PSMemberTypes PSMemberTypes PSMemberTypes Enum


Enumerates all possible types of members

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum PSMemberTypes
type PSMemberTypes = 
Public Enum PSMemberTypes


AliasProperty AliasProperty AliasProperty

An alias to another member

All All All

All member types

CodeMethod CodeMethod CodeMethod

A method defined as a reference to another method

CodeProperty CodeProperty CodeProperty

A property defined as a reference to a method

Dynamic Dynamic Dynamic

All dynamic members (where PowerShell cannot know the type of the member)

Event Event Event

All events

MemberSet MemberSet MemberSet

A set of members

Method Method Method

A method from the BaseObject

Methods Methods Methods

All method member types

NoteProperty NoteProperty NoteProperty

A property defined by a Name-Value pair

ParameterizedProperty ParameterizedProperty ParameterizedProperty

A member that acts like a Property that takes parameters. This is not consider to be a property or a method.

Properties Properties Properties

All property member types

Property Property Property

A property from the BaseObject

PropertySet PropertySet PropertySet

A set of properties

ScriptMethod ScriptMethod ScriptMethod

A method defined as a script

ScriptProperty ScriptProperty ScriptProperty

A property defined by script language